Top Messenger Apps For Mobiles!

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The world is moving away from MMS and SMS little by little as the default method of text messaging individuals. It began years ago with applications such as AOL Instant Messenger and has evolved into a lot of options that all work great. The evolution certainly kicked it up a notch over the past few years. We basically have more options now than we will ever require. Which messenger applications are the best? In this article, we will look at a few of the best messenger apps.

Facebook Messenger:

FB has its own separate messaging tool that can make it extremely convenient to converse with family and friends. It’ll populate the contacts automatically, but you can also append a contact, or permit somebody to add you as their contact, by scanning some unique code. There’re a lot of free stickers, and you can also send GIFs. Voice and video calls are extremely reliable and clear.

On Android, the feature called Chat Heads permits you to have the chat icon hovering on top of the screen, which is extremely handy. You can share your location, files, and send cash in a few markets. You can even begin a secret chat that is encrypted end-to-end. With the new feature called Messenger Rooms, you can host up to fifty individuals and make a link to the chat and share it with anybody, even if they are not on FB.


It has two hundred and three million users worldwide and is particularly well-liked in Taiwan and Japan. In addition to messaging, it provides free video and voice calls, as well as stickers, social groups, games, and timelines.


One of the most utilized messaging tools in the world is WhatsApp. It’s free and extremely simple to set up. You can chat and share stuff such as photos, your location, contacts, and docs. You can also make voice and video calls, and the program can also support group calls of up to eight individuals. The setup needs you to grant access to the contacts, so the tool can populate the contact list automatically.

Messenger Apps

One of the things that are really attractive about this program, other than the massive popularity of it, is the end-to-end encryption for security and privacy, though it’s owned by FB. It also can support Snapchat-like editing and GIFs features for fun.


Kik is another messaging tool for the youth. Unlike a lot of apps that need you to link to your phone number, it just needs a username to begin texting. Adding the loved ones and friends is as simple as scanning a unique Kik QR code with the phone cam. The UI is user-friendly and fun. You can also play games inside the chat rooms! With almost seventy percent of the user population between ages thirteen and twenty-four, Kik is an excellent way for young adults and teens to interact and make new buddies.Kik online for pc is also available.


Fairly popular because of the secret chat and encryption feature, Viber is frequently installed in devices as a secondary tool. It’s particularly well-liked in countries like Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia, Azerbaijan, and Herzegovina.