by Bleu Edmondson

Released 2007
Pure Texas roots-rock and soul, delivering heartfelt and gut-wrenching stories with ass-kicking guitars and raspy vocals that redefine the Red Dirt sound for a new generation.
  • 04:18

    American Saint

  • 04:51

    Last Call (We All Fall Down)

  • 04:45


  • 04:31

    The Echo (Maybe Tonight)

  • 04:05

    Jesus Is Cryin’

  • 03:55

    Back To You

  • 05:48

    Finger On the Trigger

  • 03:31

    You Call It Trouble

  • 03:37

    Last Last Time

  • 05:22

    Another Morning After (The Night Before)

  • 03:20

    Don’t Fade Away

Bleu is one of the top five young acts to come out of Texas in recent times. There is not much country about Bleu; he hails from young Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Rick Springfield rock and roll territory. But if that isn’t Americana then what is?
Bleu searched his soul for this one. Then he took an axe to a frozen heart and found a strong warm pulse beneath the ice. Many of the songs document battles and wounds suffered in the strange battlefield fought in the bars and honkytonks or a place where those that lead with the heart get savaged.

For any that accuse Bleu of getting soft, you’d have to be brain dead not to realize that this world and our country in particular is in bad shape. People look but don’t see, they listen but don’t hear. We live in a dark time where prayers hardly make it though the haze and answers are not always forthcoming: a time and a place where people have been raised with the best the planet has to offer, are surrounded by luxury, yet have become little more than hollow shells, almost soulless in their selfishness. Bleu is blessed (or cursed, depending on how you look at it) with seeing and hearing everything and trying to make sense of it. It may be the only world he has known, but down deep, he knows something is wrong and he’s doing his best to describe how he feels. It’s no wonder he feels lost sometimes.

On Lost Boy, Bleu Edmondson doesn’t sing Rock and Roll, he bleeds it. There’s heart, soul, and substance in this CD

by Joel Schwelling / Americana Roots / Nov. 19, 2007