How to Smoke a Turkey Breast on a Pellet Grill?

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Are you ready to learn how to smoke a turkey breast on a pellet grill? Well, we all know that spring and summer are on their way, and when it comes to the best recipes of the summer season, we always highlight the name of Turkey Breast. As the whole world is going through a pandemic situation, then it is obvious that grilling your favorite recipe at home is the best option left out.

As the cooking of smoke a Turkey breast is concerned, it is easy to grill and will carve as compared to the whole of Turkey. The best thing about the smoke Turkey Breast is that it can go suitably with any side of the mashed potatoes to the couscous salad. You can use the Turkey leftover to make some amazing pellets meals out for the whole day, such as diced celery, cranberries, walnuts, or mayo.

But in the middle of this whole experience, you have to make sure that you are not overcooking the whole smoke Turkey Breast recipe. The whole portion of the white Turkey meat should dry out completely during the cooking. Here we have a complete guide for you to learn about how you can easily cook the Turkey Breast over the pellets grill.

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Why should you grill your Turkey Breast?

Talking about the cooking or to smoke Turkey breasts is a better option than pellets roasted Turkey Breast, especially when it comes to the warmer summer months. You can easily cook it and grill it successfully.

Unlike roasted Turkey Breast, it will impart a smoky flavor from wood pellets and the fire. And to add some extra Turkey flavors, you can include some flavored wood chips as well. Preparation or cooking time has to be 2 hours, and the cooking time should be a maximum of 1¾ hours.

Important Ingredients Required for Cooking or to Rub Turkey

  • 1 4-5 of lb. bone-in of skin-on turkey breast as thawed
  • 1/2 cup of paprika
  • 1/4 cup of garlic powder or the garlic salt
  • 1/4 cup of kosher salt or fine sea salt with Celtic sea salt! You can also add Himalayan pink salt
  • 1/3 cup of Demerara or the brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp of the onion powder
  • 2 tbsp of the freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 tbsp of dry grounded mustard
  • 1 tsp of dried thyme leaves
  • 1 tsp of rubbed sage
  • 1 tsp of rosemary

As for extras, you can also include Turkey with the Aluminum foil and add 2 cups of wood pellets of your own choice.

Step by Step Preparation Instructions to Smoke a Turkey

  1. When you are making roasted Turkey or smoke Turkey, you should make sure that you keep it in the refrigerator before cooking. Please keep it for at least 2 hours maximum at a mild temperature.
  2. Now you have to rinse Turkey breast thoroughly and then pat dry it with kitchen paper. Well, at this point, you do have a choice where you can even place the softened butter under its Turkey skin. This will help the Turkey Breast to retain its moisture during smoking fully.To Learn Other Recipes is the best place.
  3. To have the dry rub over the Turkey Breast, you can add it with a blend of spices. Do it in a mixing bowl of small size. You have to sprinkle the Turkey spices all over the piece of turkey breast. Plus, it would help if you also were rubbing the seasoning over the chest cavity and at all sides. Lastly, it would help if you stored the leftover spice rub, which needs to be covered in a container for future use.
  4. Keep it at one side by sprinkling some dried thyme and then rub the sage on the whole Turkey Breast.

Turkey Breast

Step by Step Instructions for Cooking Turkey Breast Recipe

Once you are all done with the Turkey Breast preparation, the next step is to move towards the cooking process. Let’s help you a bit in it and make you learn about the cooking process of Turkey Breast:

  1. First of all, you need to set the Turkey setting of “smoker” by keeping the lid all opened.
  2. Once you have set the smoker, after 5 minutes, the wood grill pellets will ignite. You will see that so much smoke is coming out from the grill.
  3. You have to keep the Turkey Breast grill temperature to almost 302°F – 324°F and then close the top grill cover. Let Turkey preheat for around 12 – 16 minutes.
  4. As soon as you feel that the grill is hot, you have to place the seasoned Turkey breast over the grill grate.
  5. Make sure the cover is tightly closed. You have to cook the smoke breast for at least 2 hours by keeping it close. But this Turkey time might vary according to the size and weight of the Turkey pellets breast you have chosen.
  6. During this whole Turkey Breast process, you have to keep on checking the Turkey Breast’s internal temperature through the use of a Turkey probe. This Turkey probe has to get inserted within the thick part.
  7. Plus, it would help if you even kept on basting the whole smoke Turkey with the melted butter. This will let the Turkey skin stay flavorful and crisp. Hence, this melted butter even stops the breast from drying out completely.
  8. Once the meat probe has reached the internal temperature of around 165°F, you have to let your Turkey breast get pulled out from the grill. Otherwise, it might get overcooked. You have to get it to transfer over the cutting board. Cover it completely with aluminum foil.
  9. Let the smoke Turkey breast rest for a maximum of 20 minutes. This time frame will help you let the meat juices fully redistribute to make it look tender and extra juicy turkey.
  10. Lastly, season the Turkey Breast with the extra pepper as well as salt if it is needed! Enjoy yourself!

Smoked Turkey Breast

Expert Tip Reviews:

Let’s check out with some Turkey Breast expert tips below:

  • Preparation of breast Turkey is possible through a dry spice rub and then dries the herbs while preheating the grill to save much of your time. This is an important tip to consider.
  • Do you want to cook more than two Turkey breasts? If yes, then you can freeze the second piece of the grilled turkey breast to save much of your time from the start.
  • The leftover meat of the Turkey breast is tender, flavorful, and extra juicy. You can make use of this Turkey leftover for making some delicious burritos, salad, tacos, sandwiches, white chili, and much more.
  • To add Turkey Breast with extra delicious taste, you can use pecan wood pellets, oak, pecan, apple, or hickory. This is an important tip to consider. All these Turkey ingredients will never overpower the natural flavor of your meat.

Mistakes to Avoid when Smoking Turkey Breast on a Pellet Grill

Your Turkey Breast is not properly cooked because you have performed with some major Turkey mistakes that have ruined your whole Turkey Breast cooking. Let’s discuss a few:

Mistake No 1: You have put cold Turkey in the oven.

If you have to store your breast Turkey inside the fridge, you should never put it inside the oven as soon as you keep it out of the fridge. Wait for some time until the Turkey breast piece is not completely warm or gets dry. A little patience is needed, or you can even adjust the Turkey temperature settings.


The best solution is to let the breast piece stay on one side of the counter for a maximum of one hour. You have to warm it up at the normal room temperature.

Mistake no 2: You miss to season all turkey parts.

If you are not brining, then you should season breast Turkey very well. You have to sprinkle some of the Turkey seasonings on all areas to add it with extra space.


As a solution, make sure that you have completely seasoned all the Turkey breast pieces’ sides as inside and outside. This will season the whole Turkey Breast perfectly from the inside and out.

Mistake no 3: You lack to use the roasting rack.

If you are not using a Turkey roasting rack, then you are probably making a big mistake. Lack of not using the Turkey roasting rack will dry your breast’s bottom area and make it look overcooked. Possibly it will even burn and somehow fill the whole kitchen with smoke.


The best solution is to always invest in selecting the best roasting rack with which you can keep the bottom of your grill Turkey to be successfully cooked. You do have a choice where you can even create the DIY Turkey roasting rack by the use of carrots or bed celery. Rolling the aluminum foil over the Turkey logs can often work best.

Mistake No 4: You have cooked the stuffing inside the turkey.

This is the main tip that most chefs will suggest while cooking the Breast Turkey. If you want to have a fully stuffed cooked breast piece, it is important to cook Turkey for a long time. In this way, you are either left with Turkey cooked stuffed, undercooked, cooked Turkey or the contaminated Turkey stuffing options.


The best solution to this Turkey Breast problem would be to cook the stuff which is outside Turkey completely. It would be best to read some basic tricks and tips for making the Turkey stuffing easy for beginners. But still, if you want to grill cook the entire stuffing inside the cavity, you are free to use the food thermometer. This will enable you to reach the internal temperature level of 165 degrees F just before placing it inside the oven.

Frequently Asked Questions to Reply-FAQs

1. For how long time should you grill a turkey breast at the temperature of 225°F?

If you are smoking the grill Turkey breast in between the temperature of 225°F and 240°F, you should cook it for a maximum of 4 hours. You can insert the thickest part of the Turkey breast at the temperature of 165°F -170°F. This is the safe point to grill the breast. When you remove Turkey out from the grill rack, it should be covered with foil. Let it rest down for a maximum of 15 minutes.

2. For how many minutes per round should you grill the turkey breast?

To get the Turkey Breast in the juicy and tender flavor, you should cook it for a maximum of 35 minutes per round. You have to baste the Turkey breast with plain or flavored butter after every one hour. This will enable the breast to stay refresh and crispy over the skin. You can also refresh the wood chips for a maximum of 2 hours. To have safe eating, you should cook your grill Turkey breast at the temperature of around 165-170°F in its thickest part just before carving or Turkey serving.Do not like cooking indoor ? Build an outdoor kitchen so that you can enjoy good weather as well as cooking.

3. Is it easy to smoke the turkey breast both side up or side down?

It would help if you always breasted the Turkey side up, which is the best approach. This is how you can cook the breast in a tender and juicy manner without causing any danger to the grill recipe. If you feel that the Turkey breast is not staying upright over the grill rack, it is better to wrap it in 3 feet of aluminum foil. Keep the foil stuffed on top of the turkey chest cavity for creating a “stand” to let the breast stay steady.

4. Can you firstly brine the turkey breast before you start grilling?

If you feel that brining is not a time-consuming task, then it is better to brine the Turkey breast before you start to grill it. Brining will add some flavor and help Turkey retain the moisture as you start cooking it fully.