How to Fix PS4 Controller Flashing Yellow

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PlayStation 4 also known as PS4 is a home video game system that is developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, it was launched on 15th  November, 2013 as the successor to PlayStation 3. It became available in Europe, South America and Australia on 29th  November, 2013.


The PlayStation franchise is not hidden from anyone; it is one of the most popular home based game systems and is loved by everyone all around. PlayStation 4 even has a virtual reality or VR system for it called the PlayStation VR, the system includes a headset with a 1080p panel, LED lights on the headset to track the motion through PlayStation Camera and a control box having 3D audio effects.This error you can easily solve if you take help from Tech Meozia.Where you can get everything about tech.


The DualShock 4 is PS4’s primary controller which has a design similar to the previous DualShock series. Many improvements were made in the DualShock 4 which also included a thicker and tighter grip for the and on the hand grips and even a resting space for the thumb. A new revised version of DualShock 4 came into the market which was released in 2016. This version contains a touchpad having a stripe along on the top where the LED lights shine through and also the controller has the feature to even communicate non-wirelessly when connected.


The light bar on the controller is there to identify the players in the game. For player 1 the light bar will show color blue, for player 2 the color is red, for player 3 green and for player 4 pink, but what happens when the light bar has yellow light flashing through? Well, you’re in for a treat today because here we will be telling you how to fix your ps4 controller flashing yellow light when you can’t think of a solution for this problem. This can occur due to many factors and bugs. Remove your controller from all Bluetooth devices:

PS4 Controller Flashing Yellow


1. Remove the controller from bluetooth devices:

The first and foremost thing which you must do is to remove your device from all bluetooth devices. For that, you must download the PS4 Remote Play app on your device; this will allow you to control your system and also to disconnect your controller from all bluetooth devices.

2. Press the PS Button:

Turn off your PS4 and then connect the controller to PS4 charging cable. After that turn on the PlayStation and wait till ‘Press the PS button to use the controller’ shows up on your screen, hold the power button of the console till the second beep comes, switch on your PS4 again and when you see the same above mentioned message on your screen then unplug the controller’s cable from the USB port. Quickly after plugging in the cable back with the controller, press the PS button continuously and a blue light should appear from the light bar. Pressing the PB

constantly after plugging in with the USB cable has proved to be a great solution for this issue to many people.

3. Reset the controller or the console:

Resetting your controller or your console might also be one of the solutions for this issue as sometimes there can be some type of simple software bugs in the system.

4. Check your USB charging cable:

Apart from everything else you also need to make sure that your controller is properly getting charged.

5.Turn on your PS4 in safe mode:

If nothing helped with your issue, and the PS4 controller flashing yellow light is still there, then the only thing left for you to do is to restart your PS4 on safe mode. For this, turn off your PS4 and hold onto the power button for 10 seconds then wait for the beep. Connect the PS4 controller with the USB charging cable and press the PlayStation button on your controller. After doing all of this select the Restart PS4 option using the button but make sure to not switch on your PS4 in safe mode if the USB ports are not in work as without connecting it with the USB cables you cannot restart your PS4.

6. Restart your PS4:

Switch off your PS4 then switch it on again. When you see the welcome screen, connect your controller to the PS4 through a charging cable. When the yellow light comes, unplug the USB cable from the USB port and then plug it again after 2 seconds, wait for the controller to flash the light again and then repeat this, after this no yellow light should come.


If the problem still doesn’t get solved after trying the above mentioned methods, then the issue

goes beyond the hardware problem and it should get checked by a professional.