Here’s How Microsoft Makes Money!

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Everybody is utilizing a Windows computer right now, possibly the pirated version of it? Then how does the company make cash? Microsoft isn’t just about Windows. Of course, it plays a huge part in the business. Also, the OS business assisted it in growing as a huge company. But what if I tell you that Windows OS can make just 15.8 percent of Microsoft’s revenue? Point to note that the company made 125.84 billion dollars in Fiscal Year 2019.

How Does Microsoft Make Money?

Be it the Tech Giant, none of them depends on the single source of revenue. Similarly, MS has numerous revenue sources in the business model. Out of thousands of products, a dozen of those products flourish. In the meantime, others just die, and we never come to acquaint about such products. So, here’re some of the revenue sources of the Microsoft Company.

  • OneDrive Subscriptions:

OneDrive is the storage service of Microsoft for hosting files in the cloud. In Win 10, it’s bundled as the system application; that’s always running. The excellent news for the users of Windows 10 is that it’s is free to utilize. The bad news is that it is free just as long as you don’t utilize all the free space. Arguably, that free space isn’t a lot, and you may soon locate yourself requiring more. That is when MS begins to make money: because you’re already hooked up on the advantages of utilizing the cloud storage, MS asks you to purchase a subscription for more space or to purchase Office 365, which comprises OneDrive.


  • The Windows 10 Search Feature:

If you’re utilizing the Windows 10 search feature, you’re also likely to utilize Bing, because all web searches done in Win 10 are powered by the Bing search engine. If you did not acquaint, this search engine is Microsoft’s web search engine and a substitute to Google. It’s the ideal environment for Microsoft to show you ads based on the searches you make. According to the Third Quarter 2019 Results of Microsoft, the company had a twelve percent search marketing revenue growth. A small element of that revenue is made by the Windows 10 search feature.If you are having windows 10 and it is still giving error of activation you can use to activate windows quickly

  • Windows 10 Ads:

The whole Windows 10 OS is riddled with ads. Clearly, their main reason is to make the revenue for the company. We do not acquaint how much but, if they did not make cash, Microsoft would not have utilized them. Windows 10 shows advertisements on the taskbar and in the Start Menu, in File Explorer, on the Lock Screen, and the Action Center. The great thing is that these ads can be disabled easily, and you will never have to see them again.Is your toolbar hidden in microsoft word then there is a guide to Get Toolbar Back On Microsoft Word easily ASAP

  • Games, Apps, Movies & Other Things From The MS Store:

One of the necessary parts of Windows 10 is the MS Store. This store is where you can simply download & install different programs, both from MS and the 3rd parties. A few of the games and apps from the MS Store are free, but there’re also many them that cost cash. When you purchase a new game, app, or a film from the MS Store, the company acquires its share. The 3rd-party developers are obliged to disburse a share of the Store revenues to the company.