Can Gaming Be Good For You ?

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The debate as to whether playing video games is bad or good for us has been going on since the Pong & Space Invaders’ days. Unluckily, the majority of individuals have always assumed they’re the reason for a lot of physical and mental problems. Even if there was a lack of scientific evidence for proving it, a few say it’s in human nature to locate something for blaming when there is a problem, and video games have been a simple target always. But everything has changed, and now more specialized studies are being done to discover the truth.

What Are The Advantages Of The Video Games And Gaming?

They Help With The Real World Problem-Solving:

Different games can teach strategy and problem solving, making them helpful tools for teens and kids. For example, Minecraft provides a lot of enlightening advantages, such as teaching children how they can make use of different things for exploring the environments and solving issues, while Ocean of games such as SimCity and Civilization teach problem-solving on a more global stage. In the game called SimCity, you can lay the plan out your city, and have to think ahead to contemplate how something such as the tax rate might assist or hurt your city’s growth, or how the street planning and certain zones might impact the growth.

Gaming tips

The game can also teach planning and resource management on a basic level, and it does a great job of explaining such concepts to younger gamers. Learning and developing such kinds of strategies can be applied to life directly as well. Last, an indirect advantage is a fact that numerous video games are based on the real historical events, and can really encourage children to learn a lot more about our world that came before them by simply reading and research.

They Provide Physical Advantages:

From the other physical viewpoint, video games can really improve eyesight. A study conducted by the University of Rochester proved that video games could really improve the vision by making them more responsive to diverse color shades. The same study, funded by the Office of Naval Research and the National Eye Institute, found that the action games’ players like the 1st-person shooters, had better color contrast’s perception.

Moreover, video games have been confirmed to improve the fine-motor skills in many preschoolers, and the medical journal PLOS One’s published a study in which it was found that the surgeons, who played video games, particularly the Nintendo Wii, became much better surgeons! By playing different video games, they really improved their eye-hand coordination and accurate muscle movement, both necessary skills for the practice.

Great, So Play As Much As You Can?

So yes, the games are really good for you on a lot of levels. Certainly, we have to append, like anything, for maintaining such advantages, games ought to be played in moderation. Staying up every single night just for fighting off zombies? Perhaps it is not a great thing for health.